About Us

One Vision

At Evolved Systems, we specialize in crafting small, high-tech products for airborne missions that are not only designed and tested in the most demanding environments, but are also built with agility and innovation at their core. Our mission is to create products that deliver exceptional value and actively contribute to saving lives.

Our semi-virtual organizational structure is the backbone of
our operation, enabling us to develop cutting-edge products both swiftly and
cost-effectively. This approach allows us to stay ahead in a fast-paced
industry, ensuring that we deliver nothing but the best.

Revolutionizing the Industry Standard

We are pioneers in the integration of electronic warfare (EW) and sensor technologies into unmanned aerial systems (UAS). This next-generation technology provides a significant competitive edge, supporting operations that typically require extensive resources. By adopting our systems, operational costs can be reduced by 50 to 100 times compared to traditional methods, revolutionizing the industry standard.

Managing a Scandinavian Legacy of almost 30 years

  • 1996 | Origin

    Founded by Dr. Jan-Erik Strömberg and MSc Magnus Sundstedt, Scandicraft was the result of an academic research project lasting half a decade at Linköping University in Sweden. Scandicraft was established to commercially exploit the results of research on control of rotary wing UAV's. Together, they developed not only a range of fully functional autopilots, but also a selection of helicopter platforms that were successfully used over the years to demonstrate a wide selection of applications such as power line inspections, traffic monitoring, surveillance, coordination of rescue operations, electronic warfare, and geo mapping.

  • 2003 | The Cybaero Era

    With their initial success, and with gathered experience, Jan-Erik and Magnus built the APID 50, the first of its kind in the APID suite.

  • 2008 | Global Ambitions

    After improving the initial product, the APID 55 is created. There is plenty of international attention from various armed forces around the world, including the United States and UAE.

  • 2013-2014 | A new Dawn

    APID 60 sees the light of day. A new system, better than ever seen before. The APID 60 has articulated landing gear, ideal for landing on vessels in water. There is interest from both the Swedish and Spanish navy's, among others.

  • 2018 | New Management

    Cybaero is aquired by MainBase, managing the legacy and developing it to new hights.

  • 2020-2023 | APID One

    APID One is created and completes a series of successful high altitude flights. Dialogues are had with both the Indian army and the Royal Thai Navy.

  • 2024 | Evolving

    Evolved Systems Scandinavia acquires MainBase, and by extension Cybaero and Scandicraft.